Sharon Feanny

Sharon Feanny

Sharon Feanny is the owner of Shakti Mind Body Fitness  Sharon is a wife and mother of 3, a multi-passionate, award winning Caribbean entrepreneur who has created two of Jamaica’s best-loved brands: Starfish Oils and Shakti Mind Body Fitness. It seems like her warm smile fills up Jamaica and I would guess that she knows pretty much everyone on the island.   Sharon is passionate about living fit, living life, and living love and you can see that in the way she treats the people around her.  She embodies warmth and health.

Q: By some definitions, you live and work in Paradise.  What are some of the incredible things about being based in Montego Bay, Jamaica?  What are some of the downsides?

SF: Living and working in Montego Bay, Jamaica is truly paradise.  Trust me, there is not a day that I am not in absolute gratitude to be able to wake up every morning to sunrise on the sea!  Of course there are downsides to everywhere you live; Jamaica can be challenging.  It’s raw, it’s slow, it’s unpredictable but for me I look at this as a challenge and another opportunity to serve.

Q:  You are a yoga teacher and studio owner.  Tell me about the joys and challenges that come with your role?

SF: I have been a yoga teacher since 1995 and owned my Yoga Studio, Shakti Mind Body Fitness, for 12 years. Now I offer my 7 and 21 Day Yoga and Detox Programs both in Montego Bay and Kingston and online to the world (  My greatest joy is to be able to share this amazing gift of Yoga that I have been given.  From the day I became a certified instructor, it was my mission to bring Yoga to Jamaica.  I was able to do this at Shakti and touched many lives and now I am happy to say that Yoga is a huge part of the Jamaican landscape.  With my Yoga and Detox Programs, I am able to touch people even more deeply and in a more meaningful way.  It’s all about transformation.  My challenge is to be able to find balance in it all.  When you serve, you also have to remember to take care of you too!

Q: How do you make time for yourself?  What gives you balance?

SF: So how do I balance?  What grounds and heals me is the sea, my personal practice, meditation and my beloved Bio Mat.  I have owned a bio mat for 2 years now and it is the only product I have ever distributed because I believe in it so much!  It’s a mat made from 25 lbs of crushed Amethyst Crystals and heated by infrared light.  It is hands down the best investment I ever made for my self.  I lie on that mat for 20 minutes and feel like I have slept in the arms of God all night!  It pulls all fatigue, toxins and stress out of the body!  For more info you can check out my Bio Mat website at

Q: What is something that the world should know?  Maybe the best piece of advice that you ever received or the message you have for others.

SF:  My best piece of advice? Live Fit, Live Life, Live LOVE!!  Seriously, that is my mantra, my passion, what I believe in with all my heart and this is how I serve others with my passion.  So, my best advice is to find out what your passion is, then find a way to serve the world with it.  We have all come to this world with unique gifts to share…don’t waste time doing something that does not make you come alive!  What the world needs are more people who have come ALIVE!!  Be Fit…take care of the body temple. It’s the only one you have.  Live your Live…be fearless and willing to take risks and most importantly, Live with Love, Compassion and Integrity!

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