Sarah Stauffer

Sarah Stauffer

Sarah Stauffer is a massage therapist (LMT) and the Owner at Body Awakening Massage and Wellness Center in Lancaster, PA.  Body Awakening’s mission is to provide clients with a therapeutic massage that resolves physical ailments, restores emotional well-being, and facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal.  Sarah has a never-ending drive and a burning passion for whatever she chooses to do, and you can see the proof of her energy in her growing business.

Q: You own Body Awakening Massage and Wellness Center in Lancaster.  What inspired you to open your own business and what have you learned through the process?  What lessons did you learn about yourself?

SS: I opened Body Awakening because I recognized the need for a different business model and approach to a massage and wellness center. We focus on working with our clients in a very holistic and alternative/preventative therapy environment where our team of therapists each focus on their own strengths. This allows each client to get the most personal care specifically tailored to them.

I’ve learned so much through the process of opening and growing my business! Personally, I’ve been able to hone in on my strengths and also find ways to balance out my weaknesses. From a business standpoint, I’ve learned a lot about how to be a leader and best serve and support a team of excellent therapists. Everyone has a unique personality and require different styles of communication. My job is to help them all mesh together under one roof while matching them up with their ideal clients.

Q: You must see a lot of people who hold tension and emotion in their bodies.  Is there something you think everyone should know?

SS: Yes I do! People should know that it doesn’t need to be this way! There are so many ways to care for yourself. And not just through massage. Nutrition is the foundation of health. Proper exercise, rest, and spirituality are all important as well. It’s about finding a balance with all of it, which is why I’m so excited to be launching a new program with Body Awakening soon!  This program will include options for free exercise options, nutritional solution programs, free services, and much more! The goal will be to create more of a community with in our client base while creating a more affordable and accessible holistic approach to wellness!

Q: What inspires you?  Where do you find your greatest joy?

SS: I’m inspired by my clients and team members! Nothing is more fulfilling than when I see peoples lives and health being improved, often drastically, by the work being done at Body Awakening. In turn, I get such joy and fulfillment out of knowing my team members have facilitated that for the client!

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