Meagin Krofcheck

Meagin Krofcheck

Meagin Krofcheck is a 200 ERYT yoga instructor and the Resident Sensei of Budokon Lancaster (Red Belt Rank).  She facilitated the 200-hour yoga teacher training at Evolution Power Yoga and she consistently provided the group with clarity and insight.

Q: You grew up in California – what were some of the major influences in your life?  What brought you to Lancaster, PA?

MK: California is the land of many influences: first and foremost by my parents. They shaped the drive and tenacity I’ve got. They taught me what hard work looks like and what it can get you in life, I’m very thankful for that. I was heavily influenced by massive amounts of music, mountains of books (those required for my English degree and anything else I could cram in) and the ocean. I absolutely love the ocean.

Then, I met my husband on MySpace :]  I dated my husband for 4 years long distance before packing my things and moving to Lancaster. I feel like this has always been where I was meant to end up. The community, the culture, the people, this is the place to be.

Q: Tell me a little about Budokon; I know it’s your passion.  What draws you to Budokon?  What do you find in that practice that speaks to your soul?

MK: Budokon is certainly my passion. I often say that yoga is my life and Budokon is my heart and soul. I started practicing 3 years ago and consider fellow senseis (teachers) to be my brothers and sisters. They are not only my community, they are my family. The mixture of yoga with martial arts and self work is the perfect blend of everything I needed in my life. This practice and these people hold the space for anything to be possible, they hold me to be the highest form of myself, and they know that they can count on my honesty, integrity and respect. The people and work really changed my life.

Q: You have been a life-long reader.  I’m giving you a shoebox for a few indispensable books.  What titles are in your box?

MK: Oh Jeez. Just a shoebox? I’ve got books in every room of the house. If I could only have a few they would be:

1-    Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I have a first edition, first printing tucked away in a safe place.

2-    The Ramayana translation by William Buck. I read this in college before I even started practicing asana. It inspired me so much I got Ram’s name tattooed on my foot.

3-    Letters From Felix by Annette Langen- this was my favorite book as a child. It had letters you could actually take out and read. The first time I read it I decided I would travel when I got older.

4-    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen- I love Jane and I love Pride and Prejudice. I am so enamored with this book and with the idea of true love that quotes from the book made their way into my wedding vows.

5-    Babel Tower by A.S.Byatt- She is one of the most amazing writers this world has seen. This is the second book of a series and a personal favorite.

Q: What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

MK: I would tell my younger self don’t worry, you won’t be this shy forever. You will get to be you. You get to be free. Be patient.

I was painfully shy and self conscious as a child and that followed me all the way through high school. I was in constant fear of what people thought of me, making sure I pleased everyone else, and never had space to breathe and just do what I wanted to do. As an adult I still come up against that concern for looking good, but I don’t feel held back by that crippling fear anymore.

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