Kimberly Davidow

Kim Davidow

Kim Davidow is a two-time Emmy nominated and Pa. Associated Press award winning television journalist. Her reporting experience ranges from feature to hard news stories. Kim’s journalism background is in television news and performing arts.  I met Kim at a 200-hour yoga teacher training, where she was the model of flexibility and the example that sometimes you need to tap into strength.  Over the course of the training, Kim became so strong and flexible, both on and off the yoga mat.

Kim recently was an executive producer of “Flight of the Archangels“, a 30-minute documentary film that chronicles the philanthropic efforts of the Pennsylvania-based non-profit group ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE ( The narrative follows the adventures of a team of seven aviators and emergency medical professionals who travel from Pennsylvania to remote villages in Haiti to provide free medical clinics to impoverished residents.   I loved watching the documentary, check it out here.

Q: You just completed a pretty intense teacher training. What’s next for you?

KD: My experience with teacher training was life changing. It forced me to really look deep down within myself to examine my life, my strengths, my means for growth and the goals that I truly want to accomplish. I love practicing yoga and I especially love teaching! Sharing what I love and enjoy with others is very rewarding. It feeds my soul.

My life is going through major transitions and changes – exciting and terrifying because I place such pressure on myself to not look like a failure or to not be a disappointment to those I love. Since my teacher training, I am continuing to look at every day as a blessing and an opportunity to be authentic.

I’m moving back home to Bucks County because I’m becoming a national lifestyle & fitness model. I’ve been engaging with some very well known agencies in Manhattan. If they choose to sign me and represent me, only God knows what types of opportunities are going to unfold. While in Bucks, I’m going to teach yoga so that I continue to grow as a teacher. One of my goals is to own my own studio and create a positive and loving space.

Q: The camera loves you! Can you tell me about your experiences as a reporter? What was challenging about that role? What did you love about it?

KD: First off, thank you for your sweet comment! I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communication/Journalism from La Salle University in Philadelphia. I chose broadcasting because I loved working in the university’s cable station, La Salle TV…learning how to use the camera gear, set up the audio switch boards, write scripts, create television stories for air, operating the teleprompter, among others.

As a news broadcast journalist, I would get a rush when trying to gather accurate facts and details under a deadline. Personally, the best part about journalism career has been the responsibility to seize all opportunities to establish trust with the community. Before I landed my first professional job as an anchor/reporter (I worked for an NBC affiliate in Upstate New York), I sent out over 100 video resume reels to television stations all over the country. For every job positing in television, you are one of at least 200 others applying for that same job. It’s an extremely competitive field.

When I landed my second news job as a reporter at a CNN affiliate based in Allentown, Pa, I was thrilled to be coming back home to my family and friends! As time went by, the more hard news I covered and the more people I interviewed going through hard times (homicides, car accidents, bank robberies, city council meetings, budget cuts, tax hikes, education cuts, job loss, etc.), the more I was becoming numb to tragedies….Yes, it was part of my job to ask those tough questions and get responses and answers before my deadline. However, I couldn’t stand the way I was interacting with others in those circumstances. It was in those times that I knew that I needed to remove myself from local hard news for awhile.

The best part about my career in television news were the rare opportunities I had reporting human interest stores….you know, the uplifting and inspiring stories of people and organizations doing good in their communities. I loved every moment of telling their stories and spreading the word that not all news has to be bad. Focusing on the positive was inspiring me to find more ways to be of service to others. And perhaps, those that viewed these stories would be inspired themselves to do the same….It can have that “paying it forward” ripple effect.

I have been nominated twice for Emmy Awards on behalf of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2012 & 2013 for my human interest stories. I also was awarded recognition for my “feature” news story telling by the Pennsylvania Associated Press in the Spring of 2013.

Q: How do you make time for yourself? What gives you balance?

KD: Taking a yoga practice as often as possible has become my way of making time for myself. Sometimes I’ll take two practices a day because that’s what my body, mind and spirit is asking for. I love to cook too. I always get excited going to the grocery store after discovering a new and fun recipe I want to try. I have a passion to use my creativity in as many elements of my life as possible. Lately, I’m finding myself saying prayers and talking aloud to myself when I’m in private. My heart is filled with love and excitement about discovering my life’s purpose. I find balance in fresh air, inhaling it deep within my lungs and smiling because I become overcome with gratitude for being healthy and alive.

Q: Dancing is your passion. What does it feel like to move your body so freely and with such control? What do you compare dancing to? What role has dancing played in your life?

KD: My mother, Susan Middleton, enrolled in me in my first dance classes (tap & ballet) when I was 3-years-old. I’ve been dancing and moving ever since. I love watching the old classic movie musicals featuring Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ann Miller and Cyd Charisse. When I would watch them dance on film, even at a young age, I felt that I connected with them in some cosmic way. To this day, although these talented artists are no longer alive, their movements continue to impact the world of dance and to dancers like myself. Movement ignites my very essence. It gives me a reason to love my life the way it is. It takes me out of my head and into my heart. Dance has shaped the woman I am today. When I dance or move my body, I feel a sense of freedom and grace….it diminishes negative thoughts and insecurities….I feel that my dreams are valid. In my life, dancing is in a category of its own.

Q: Who is your role model and why?

KD: My grandmothers, Rose Troiano and Adele Davidow Carchman, are two amazing role models in my life. My grandmother Rose passed away in 2012. I’m blessed to say that my grandmother Adele is still alive at the age of 93. Both Rose and Adele are women of great strength and love.

Rose was a beautiful woman. She was an amazing mother to her 6 children, devoted wife, grandmother and great-grandmother. Anytime my grandmother would laugh, I felt love radiate out of her and into my soul. If I had to describe my grandmother Rose in one word it would be LOVE.

My grandmother Adele is one of my best friends. She’s been such an intricate part of my life, especially when my parents were going through their divorce when I was six-years-old. I have always been able to count on her to provide me with the most genuine and honest advice. When my grandfather Ben died from a heart attack in 1971, to support her family, she studied and passed the NY state exam to work full-time in the state court system in Brooklyn.

She’s one of the smartest people I have ever met. Our relationship continues to grow as the years have gone by. Over the last two year, Adele’s arthritis has become extremely severe where she is now bedridden. I call her multiple times each week to just say hello and to tell her that I love her. She tells me that my voice lifts her spirits. For me, it’s her voice that inspires my spirit and awakens my true potential. She continues to teach me to never give up when life presents challenges. I look up to her. I admire her strength and her love for me and my family.


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