Jennifer Weller

Jenn Weller

Jenn Weller, who I have known for 5 years now (!) always seems to be adventuring and exploring. One of the most open-minded people I know, it’s always interesting to explore an issue with Jenn. She’s an awesome climber, cook, adventurer and friend.

Q: What motivates you?

JW: My inner drive to do well/do whatever I’m doing to the best of my ability. A work ethic I learned from my parents. My desire to make other people happy. An acute desire to be a “good” person and to have a net positive effect on the Earth.

Q: What is something everyone should know?

JW: They can make a difference. It’s the small choices you make that have the greatest impact as they are cumulative.

Q: What mark do you want to leave on the world?

JW: I would like to be remembered as someone whose impact on the Earth, her creatures, and the people in it was a net positive; a force for the bettering of those things and people I have touched.

Q: How do you find balance?

JW: Climbing. Hiking. Spending time outdoors with nature. Also, spending time with good people.

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