Frances Yahia

Frances Yahia

Dr. Frances Yahia, PhD, MS, MPH, CHES,
 LD/N, MHC, MFT, is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist,
Mental Health Counselor & Marriage & Family Therapist and a Psychic Medium, Shaman, Energy Healer, Astrologer. She is an expert in energetic healing and provides one-on-one energy healing consults in person, online, via Skype or phone to integrate body, mind and spirit by rebalancing energetic flow. She brings her down to earth Latina humor to her readings and I ended up deeply enjoying the time I spent learning about her and, though her, myself.

I first encountered Dr. Yahia through a mutual friend. I contacted her to have my natal chart read because, you know, there was so much going on September 28, 1981. Boy, she blew my mind! I was healthily skeptical, true to those protestant roots, and I was determined to be curious, but not too open. The hour and a half of natal chart reading was completely fascinating and explained a lot about my life. If you’re curious about the experience, I invite you to contact Frances at

Frances also recently launched the SOUL TRACKER app. The app allows people to track their daily spiritual activities. The guides say that oftentimes we are hard on ourselves and don’t pay attention to the small things we do that enhance our spiritual life. The app is a way to remind yourself that God is in the small things we do as well as the larger things. It’s available on iTunes for 99 cents.


Q: You have access to some pretty incredible gifts.  Can you describe your work as a psychic medium, shaman, energy healer, astrologer?  What has Big Bang Astrology brought to your life and the lives of others?

FY: We are all exactly who we are meant to be and astrology is tremendously helpful in confirming this. I cast natal charts for my clients and use each individual’s unique astral arrangement to explore the key features of their personalities and track the different planetary cycles and transits affecting their current lives. It’s fun and exciting work.

After studying and practicing astrology for a few years I began studying energy work and shamanism. In my work as a shaman, I use meditation to connect and receive messages for my clients through images. Among other things, shamans are interested in animal totems and the powerful wisdom and knowledge that animals possess. I’ve found that animals have become extremely meaningful in my own life. In fact, I recently made the decision to transition to an animal-free diet.

Finally, I’ve begun doing work as a psychic medium but I must preface this by saying that I don’t do anything. I am simply a channel for the guides to do their work. As a medium I am shown images and given messages that are from my guides and my clients’ guides – often ancestors or loved ones. It is powerful to see two people re-united and healed. Last week I had a reading with a woman who had been grieving for 10 years about her son’s death. When he came through and explained he was okay this woman’s grief lifted. It is powerful to see how in one contact with someone who has passed a decade of grief can be lifted.

I also access the Akashic Records – this is my favorite service to provide. Let me first explain, Akashic means sky or ether so Akashic Records literally translates to the “records of the sky” or “records of the space above the terrestrial plane”. With my client’s permission I access their Records and they begin asking questions. The records provide the guidance the person needs. I am amazed each time I complete an Akashic Records reading because the messages are so individualized, the visuals my guides show and the metaphors they use are so clearly tailored to reach and resonate with the client.

This work has changed my life. Since a very young age I have known that my purpose is to seek spiritual growth. I’ve spent my life reading, learning and exploring spiritual practices. My interest in astrology was a catalyst, which lead to other esoteric studies. When these gifts kicked in (and we all have them!) my world changed. I have a whole new perspective on what’s important, why we are here and what really matters. I have a newfound respect for animals, human beings and nature.
Q: What surprises you about your work and your life?

FY: I never finish a reading without saying “wow”. Every reading is inspiring and can be a message for all of us (that’s why I write the blog). I am so grateful and humbled that the guides allow me to be a channel and that people trust me with such intimacies.

Q: If we are all connected to each other, what is one lesson that we need to be reminded of?

FY: If we could understand the magnitude of love surrounding us from the spiritual plane, if we could see the amount of support, angelic guidance we all have, and if we could understand how far our light shines we wouldn’t have wars, get angry over the smallest things or hold resentment or anger. I “see” the light that each client possesses. When I open sacred space and sense the amount of guides that flood the energy body it reaffirms that we are all spiritual beings. Our energy travels into a room before our physical body does, all energy bodies touch, we all come from this great huge source of light. If we could catch a glimpse of this we would behave so differently, be riddled with high self-esteem, smile all day, love more openly. There is nothing more that I love than to tell a client when I see their spirit guides and to explain how protected and loved they are. We all are.

An energy healing/chakra cleansing reading I did last month was inspiring because the woman asked why she felt angels all around her lifting her up. The angels said they’re around because she invites them in. The angels said THEY were grateful to her for allowing them in. That she couldn’t imagine the ecstasy they feel because they are called and invited into her energy field. We have this misconception that we shouldn’t pray or bother God or the angels unless it’s important and if we realized how important we are we wouldn’t stop asking or praying. We are equals, we are all angels, humans are just temporarily in a different form. Embrace your light, your divinity and that of others!


Q: You have a lot going on. Tell me about it and how you juggle so many things.

FY: I used to pride myself on being a multi-tasker until I learned that multitasking failed to keep you in the present moment. Now I make time for everything and everyone without crowding my life. When I take on a commitment I make sure I am fully engaged and not just saying yes, just to say yes. I no longer commit to things that don’t make me fully alive or enhance my spiritual life. I once gave a reading and the guides told the client to ask herself “is what your doing contributing to your self esteem?” If the answer is no, then politely decline. I took this and adapted it my life. Is what I am doing going to enhance my spiritual life? If the answer is no, then I politely decline. I am very efficient and I attribute that to getting up early and not overthinking things. If I have to get something done I want it to be done in a quality way and the best it can be (I reference Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance here along with The Four Agreements) but I don’t overthink it, criticize or judge myself because that just is a waste of time. I see deadlines, boundaries and am realistic (and honest) about what I can get done and what I want to do. I think the real secret of getting things done is to put time in for yourself each day. When you nourish yourself you can take care of others.
Q: You also are the Director of Academic affairs at a Florida college, what cool projects are you working on right now?

FY: My educational background is a PhD in education, a Master sin Public Health, a Masters in Nutrition and a BS in Journalism. I have been an Academic Dean most of my professional career and have run Nursing schools, Allied health programs, and now Business. Education has been my passion and I realized a few years ago that my strength lays in restructuring and organizing programs/departments that aren’t running to their full potential.

When I accepted my current position at Innova College, I was faced with another opportunity to strengthen another school. I gave myself one year to get students and faculty onboard with new policies, implement college wide procedures, train a new faculty base and strengthen the academic programs the school offered. After a year, my goal was completed. This year my goal is to prepare the school for accreditation. As a Hispanic I am excited about the prospect of having strong, affordable academic programs available to Hispanics globally. With Hispanics at 17% of the population (and growing) it is crucial to having educated, bilingual Hispanics in the workforce. I’m thrilled to be part of this innovative College that offers opportunities to a widely underserved population.

Innova is a start up College of Business for native Spanish speaking students. It’s innovative because all classes are in Spanish until they are proficient in English (which is part of the curriculum) so they leave with a bilingual education and a US degree. Since we are new we are undergoing the accreditation process which is exciting because soon we will be able to reach more Hispanics who want to study, but haven’t, because of the language barrier. We are also fully online so we serve students all around the globe!

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